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"Stock/stap lubrication/processing" refers to a lubrication process applied to the surface of aluminum coils or sheets during manufacturing and processing operations. This lubrication is used to reduce friction and wear between the aluminum material and the processing equipment during various forming, stamping, or bending operations. It is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods, where the aluminum sheets or coils undergo further fabrication or forming processes.

Usage of Stock/Stap Lubrication/Processing in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Forming Operations: Stock/stap lubrication is used during forming operations, such as roll forming, stamping, bending, and deep drawing, to facilitate smooth material flow and reduce tool wear.
  • Coil Processing: It is applied to the surface of aluminum coils before they are fed into downstream equipment like slitters, cut-to-length lines, and roll forming machines.
  • Pressing and Stamping: Lubrication helps in the smooth operation of presses and stamping dies, preventing galling and ensuring accurate and high-quality parts.
  • Cold Rolling: Lubrication can be used during cold rolling operations to reduce friction between the rollers and the aluminum material.

How Stock/Stap Lubrication/Processing Works in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Application Method: Lubricants are applied to the surface of the aluminum coils or sheets using various methods, such as roller coating, spray application, or immersion.
  • Controlled Coating: The lubricant is applied in a controlled manner to ensure uniform and adequate coverage on the aluminum surface.
  • Dry Film or Wet Film: Depending on the application and requirements, the lubricant can be applied as a dry film or as a wet film that provides continuous lubrication during forming or processing operations.
  • Selection of Lubricants: Different types of lubricants can be used based on the specific process requirements and the material properties of the aluminum.

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