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The "Cutting machine after extrusion," also known as a "cut-off saw" or "cutting saw," is a specialized equipment used in the extrusion process for cutting extruded profiles or products to the desired lengths. After the extrusion process, long continuous profiles are formed, and the cutting machine is used to divide these profiles into individual pieces of specific lengths, ready for further processing or use.

Usage of Cutting Machine after Extrusion:

  • Post-Extrusion Processing: The primary purpose of the cutting machine after extrusion is to prepare the extruded profiles for further processing or use by cutting them into individual pieces.
  • Precision Cutting: The cutting machine ensures precise and consistent cutting of extruded profiles to meet specific length requirements.
  • Mass Production: The cutting machine allows for efficient and high-speed cutting of extruded profiles, facilitating mass production of uniform lengths.

How it Works:

  • Material Feeding: The extruded profile is fed into the cutting machine, either manually or through an automated feeding mechanism.
  • Length Measurement: The cutting machine is equipped with length measurement devices to ensure accurate cutting of profiles to the desired lengths.
  • Cutting Process: Once the profile is properly positioned, the cutting machine activates a cutting tool, such as a saw blade or an abrasive wheel, to make the cut.
  • Precision Cutting: The cutting tool is guided along the profile, ensuring a clean and precise cut at the specified length.
  • Discharge: The cut pieces are then discharged from the cutting machine, ready for the next stage of processing or use.

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