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A "profile collection basket" is a specialized equipment used in extrusion processes to collect and handle extruded aluminum profiles as they come out of the extrusion press. The profile collection basket plays a crucial role in safely and efficiently handling the newly extruded profiles, allowing for proper cooling, straightening, and further processing before they are cut to the desired lengths or sent for subsequent operations.

Usage of Profile Collection Basket in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Collection of Extruded Profiles: The primary purpose of the profile collection basket is to collect the continuous lengths of extruded aluminum profiles as they exit the extrusion press.
  • Cooling: The profile collection basket allows the extruded profiles to cool down gradually to a temperature suitable for handling and further processing.
  • Straightening: The collection basket assists in straightening the extruded profiles to remove any minor deformations that may occur during the extrusion process.
  • Handling and Transport: The profile collection basket facilitates the safe and efficient handling and transport of the extruded profiles to subsequent processing stations or storage areas.

How Profile Collection Basket Works in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Positioning: The profile collection basket is positioned at the exit end of the extrusion press, ready to receive the continuous lengths of extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Collection: As the extruded profiles emerge from the extrusion die, they are guided and collected by the profile collection basket.
  • Cooling and Straightening: The profiles cool down gradually within the collection basket, and any minor deformations are straightened out to ensure uniformity.
  • Handling: Once the profiles are adequately cooled and straightened, they can be safely handled, either manually or with the help of material handling equipment, for further processing or storage.
  • Continuous Operation: The collection basket allows for continuous operation of the extrusion process, ensuring a steady output of extruded profiles for efficient production.

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