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A "profile hot cut saw" is a specialized cutting machine used to cut aluminum profiles while they are still hot after the extrusion process. This cutting method is commonly known as "hot sawing." The profile hot cut saw plays a crucial role in accurately cutting extruded aluminum profiles to specific lengths, allowing for further processing, fabrication, and assembly.

Usage of Profile Hot Cut Saw in Aluminum Extrusion:

  • Length Cutting: The primary purpose of the profile hot cut saw is to cut aluminum profiles to specific lengths as required by customers or downstream processes.
  • Continuous Cutting: The hot cut saw is designed for continuous cutting of extruded aluminum profiles, ensuring a steady supply of cut pieces.
  • Efficient Processing: Hot sawing allows for efficient cutting of aluminum profiles while they are still hot and malleable, reducing the need for secondary cutting operations.

How Profile Hot Cut Saw Works in Aluminum Extrusion:

  • Material Feeding: The extruded aluminum profiles are fed into the profile hot cut saw.
  • Hot Cutting: The saw blade of the hot cut saw is designed to withstand high temperatures, enabling it to cut through the hot aluminum profiles accurately.
  • Continuous Operation: The hot cut saw operates continuously, cutting the extruded aluminum profiles into desired lengths as they pass through the machine.
  • Cooling: After cutting, the cut aluminum profiles may undergo controlled cooling processes to adjust their properties or achieve specific mechanical characteristics.

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