Extrusion Outlet Cooling/Keep Warm

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"Extrusion outlet cooling/keep warm" is a process used in the aluminum extrusion industry to control the cooling rate of extruded aluminum profiles as they exit the extrusion press. This process is essential to achieve the desired mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish of the extruded aluminum products.

Usage of Extrusion Outlet Cooling/Keep Warm in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Cooling Control: The extrusion outlet cooling process allows for controlled cooling of the extruded aluminum profiles to prevent rapid cooling and potential distortion.
  • Homogenization: The cooling process helps to achieve uniform material properties throughout the extruded profile, ensuring consistency in mechanical characteristics.
  • Dimensional Stability: Proper cooling and keeping the extruded profile warm help to maintain dimensional stability and prevent warping or deformation.
  • Surface Quality: Controlled cooling can improve the surface quality of the extruded profiles, resulting in smoother and more aesthetically appealing surfaces.

How Extrusion Outlet Cooling/Keep Warm Works in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Extrusion Process: During the aluminum extrusion process, the heated aluminum billet is pushed through a die to form the desired shape of the extruded profile.
  • Cooling Zone: As the extruded profile exits the die, it enters a cooling zone, where controlled cooling mechanisms, such as water quenching or air cooling, are applied.
  • Keep Warm Section: After the cooling zone, the extruded profile may pass through a "keep warm" section, which is designed to maintain the profile's temperature to a certain degree.
  • Homogenization Oven: In some cases, especially for specific alloys, the extruded profiles may be placed in a homogenization oven after the cooling zone to achieve uniform properties and relieve internal stresses.

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