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"Billet peel" or "billet skinning" refers to a surface preparation process used to remove the outer surface layer of aluminum billets before further processing, such as extrusion. The billet peel process is carried out to improve the surface quality of the billet, ensuring that any surface defects, impurities, or contaminations are removed, resulting in a cleaner and more uniform surface for subsequent processing.

Usage of Billet Peel in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Surface Preparation: Billet peel is used as a surface preparation step to remove any surface defects, oxides, or contaminants present on the outer layer of the aluminum billet.
  • Enhanced Extrusion: By removing surface impurities and defects, billet peel ensures smoother and more consistent extrusion, leading to better extruded products with improved surface finish.

How Billet Peel Works in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Billet Loading: The aluminum billet is loaded into the billet peel machine.
  • Cutting Mechanism: The billet peel machine is equipped with cutting tools or blades that remove the outer layer of the billet as it rotates.
  • Surface Removal: The cutting mechanism peels off the outer layer of the billet, removing any surface defects, oxides, or contaminations.
  • Smooth Surface: The billet emerges with a smoother and cleaner surface after the billet peel process.
  • Extrusion: The prepared billet is then used in the extrusion process to manufacture various aluminum profiles and products.

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