Stretching and Tension Leveling Machine

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Stretch Leveling is a specialized process used to improve the flatness and remove residual stresses in aluminum sheets or coils. The machine you described is designed to perform both stretching and leveling operations on the aluminum plate or coil.

Here's how a Stretch Leveling Machine works:

  • Input and Output: The aluminum coil or sheet is fed into the machine using bobbin clamping slides at the input and output ends. These clamping slides ensure that the coil remains under tension during the process.
  • Coaxial Rotation Method: The aluminum coil is gripped at its edges and is subjected to a gradual and controlled crushing or stretching process. This is achieved by the use of a single roller that moves with the aluminum plate in a coaxial rotation method. The roller applies controlled tension to the aluminum, stretching it gradually.
  • Stretching: The gradual stretching of the aluminum plate helps to remove residual stresses and improve its flatness. This is especially important for aluminum products that have undergone previous processes like rolling or heat treatment, which may introduce stresses and unevenness.
  • Leveling: In addition to stretching, the machine also performs leveling, which further improves the flatness and uniformity of the aluminum plate or coil.
  • Tension Control: Throughout the process, the machine maintains the aluminum material under constant tension using the bobbin clamping slides. This helps to achieve the desired stretching and leveling effects without causing damage to the material.

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