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"Rolling Mill" or "Rolling Mill Stand" used in the aluminum industry for the process known as "Tandem Rolling" or "Tandem Cold Rolling."

Tandem Rolling is a continuous cold rolling process where aluminum coils, which have been cold-rolled to a certain thickness, are stacked on top of each other and then passed through a series of rolling mill stands to further reduce the thickness and produce aluminum foil.

Here's how the Tandem Rolling process works:

  • Cold Rolling: The aluminum coils are initially cold-rolled to achieve a specific thickness. This cold rolling process involves passing the coils through a series of rolling stands, which gradually reduce the thickness and improve the surface finish.
  • Foil Stacking: After cold rolling, the aluminum coils are stacked on top of each other to create a pack of multiple layers of metal.
  • Tandem Rolling Mill: The stacked coils are then fed into a Tandem Rolling Mill, which consists of a series of rolling mill stands placed in succession.
  • Rolling Process: The stacked aluminum coils are passed through the rolling mill stands, where each stand further reduces the thickness of the combined layers. The process is continuous, and the material is rolled multiple times until the desired final thickness (typically in the range of micrometers for aluminum foil) is achieved.
  • Unrolling and Separation: After tandem rolling, the foil is unrolled and separated into individual layers, resulting in thin aluminum foil.

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