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Similar to direct extrusion presses, they are used to shape aluminum billets into various profiles. However, the key difference lies in the direction of the force applied to the billet during the extrusion process.

Usage of Indirect Extrusion Presses:

  • Shaping Aluminum Profiles: The primary purpose of indirect extrusion presses is to shape aluminum billets into different profiles, just like direct extrusion presses.
  • Unique Extrusion Applications: Indirect extrusion is often used for specialized applications where specific properties or features are required in the extruded profiles.

How it Works:

  • Billet Preparation: As with direct extrusion presses, aluminum billets are prepared by cutting them to the required length and preheating them in a billet heating furnace.
  • Container and Ram: In indirect extrusion, the billet is placed inside the container with the extrusion die located at the front end. However, in this case, the die is stationary, and the container moves against the billet.
  • Extrusion Process: The hydraulic ram, positioned behind the container, pushes against it. As a result, the container moves forward, exerting pressure on the billet. This causes the billet to flow through the stationary die, taking on its shape as it moves.
  • Cooling and Cutting: After the extrusion process, the aluminum profile is cooled and then cut to the desired length using a cut-to-length machine.

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