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To cut the extruded aluminum profiles to the desired lengths. They play a crucial role in the final stage of the extrusion process, ensuring that the profiles are cut accurately and meet the required dimensions for the intended application.

Usage of Extrusion Cut to Length Saws:

  • Precision Cutting: The primary purpose of extrusion cut to length saws is to cut extruded aluminum profiles with precision and accuracy. They ensure that the profiles are cut to the exact lengths specified by the customer or the production requirements.
  • Finalizing Products: The cut to length process is the final step in the extrusion process before the profiles are ready for further processing or distribution to customers.

How it Works:

  • Conveyor System: The extruded aluminum profiles are conveyed from the extrusion press or the stretch straightening unit to the cut to length saws.
  • Positioning: The profiles are positioned accurately on the saw's cutting bed or platform. This ensures that the cutting blade will make the required cuts at the desired lengths.
  • Cutting: The saw's cutting blade, which is usually made of a hard material like carbide, moves across the profile, making clean and precise cuts at the specified lengths.
  • Cooling (Optional): In some cases, a cooling system may be incorporated into the cut to length saws to prevent overheating during the cutting process.
  • Unloading: After the profiles are cut to the desired lengths, they are unloaded from the saws and can be further processed or packaged for shipment.

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