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To further improve the straightness and dimensional accuracy of the extruded aluminum profiles. It is typically employed after the quenching process and plays a critical role in achieving precise and straight profiles, especially for long extruded sections.

Usage of Extrusion Stretch Straightening Unit:

  • Straightening Profiles: The primary purpose of the extrusion stretch straightening unit is to straighten the extruded aluminum profiles. It corrects any bowing or curvature that might have occurred during the extrusion and quenching processes.
  • Dimensional Accuracy: The unit helps achieve the desired dimensional tolerances by removing any deviations from the straightness of the profiles.

How it Works:

  • Conveyor System: The extruded aluminum profiles are fed into the stretch straightening unit through a conveyor system.
  • Stretching Mechanism: The unit employs stretching rollers or similar mechanisms that apply controlled tension to the profiles. These rollers stretch the profiles along their length while applying equal pressure.
  • Straightening Process: As the profiles are stretched, any inherent bowing or curvature is gradually corrected. The process is carefully controlled to ensure the profiles do not undergo any deformation beyond the required straightening.
  • Multiple Passes (if needed): For more severe curvature, the profiles may undergo multiple passes through the stretch straightening unit, each time applying incremental corrections until the desired straightness is achieved.
  • Final Inspection: After the straightening process, the profiles are inspected for dimensional accuracy and straightness to meet the specified requirements.

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