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To improve the overall quality and consistency of the billets before they are fed into the extrusion press. This furnace is employed to homogenize the microstructure of the aluminum billets, making them more uniform in composition and reducing any potential defects.

Usage of Billet Homogenizing Furnace:

  • Billet Quality Improvement: Aluminum billets are typically cast, and during the casting process, there can be variations in the microstructure and chemical composition. These variances can result in uneven extrusion and mechanical properties in the final products. The billet homogenizing furnace is used to address these issues.
  • Reducing Internal Stresses: During casting and cooling, internal stresses can develop within the billets. The homogenizing process helps relieve these stresses, making the billets more stable and less prone to distortion during extrusion.

How it Works:

  • Loading: Aluminum billets are loaded into the billet homogenizing furnace, usually using a conveyor system.
  • Heating: The furnace raises the temperature of the billets to a specific level, typically below the melting point of aluminum. The billets are held at this temperature for a certain duration to ensure proper homogenization.
  • Soaking: The soaking phase allows the billets to remain at a constant temperature for an extended period. During this time, the heat penetrates the billets evenly, promoting the diffusion of alloying elements and reducing the differences in chemical composition.
  • Cooling: After the soaking period, the billets are slowly cooled down in the furnace. This controlled cooling helps in minimizing the formation of new internal stresses and preserving the homogenized structure.
  • Unloading: Once the process is complete, the homogenized billets are unloaded from the furnace and either directly sent to the extrusion press or stored for future use.

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