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To heat the aluminum billets to the required temperature for hot working. It is an essential part of the extrusion line, ensuring that the billets reach the optimal temperature for the extrusion process to produce high-quality aluminum profiles.

Usage of Billet Heating Hot Working Furnace:

  • Billet Preheating: Aluminum billets, as the starting material for the extrusion process, are typically at room temperature or slightly above. The billet heating hot working furnace is used to preheat these billets to a specific temperature suitable for hot working.
  • Facilitating Plastic Deformation: Hot working, or hot extrusion, is the process of forming aluminum at elevated temperatures where the metal is more malleable and easier to shape. The billet heating furnace raises the temperature of the billets, making them more suitable for extrusion.

How it Works:

  • Loading: Aluminum billets are loaded into the billet heating hot working furnace, usually using a conveyor system or other handling equipment.
  • Heating: The furnace raises the temperature of the billets to the required hot working temperature. The exact temperature and heating time depend on the alloy being used and the specifications of the extrusion process.
  • Holding: Once the billets reach the desired temperature, they are held at this temperature for a specific period. This soaking time allows for uniform heat distribution throughout the billets, ensuring they are heated consistently.
  • Temperature Control: The furnace is equipped with temperature controls to maintain a stable and accurate heating environment for the billets.
  • Unloading: After the heating process is complete, the heated billets are unloaded from the furnace and immediately fed into the extrusion press for the hot extrusion process.

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