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To cut aluminum billets into the desired lengths before they are fed into the extrusion press. This equipment plays a crucial role in preparing the billets for extrusion by ensuring they are of the correct length and ready for the subsequent steps in the process.

Usage of Billet Cut to Length Rotary Saw:

  • Billet Preparation: Before the extrusion process can begin, aluminum billets are used as the starting material. These billets usually come in longer lengths, and they need to be cut into shorter sections to match the specifications of the extrusion press and die.
  • Precision Cutting: The Billet Cut to Length Rotary Saw is designed to achieve precise and accurate cuts on the aluminum billets. This ensures consistency in the lengths of the billets, which is crucial for producing extruded profiles of uniform size.
  • Adjustable Lengths: The machine can be adjusted to cut the billets to different lengths as required by the specific extrusion project or customer orders.

How it Works:

  • Loading: Aluminum billets are loaded onto the Billet Cut to Length Rotary Saw, typically using a conveyor system or manually by operators.
  • Positioning: The billets are positioned in a way that allows the rotary saw to make clean and precise cuts at the desired length.
  • Cutting: The rotary saw, equipped with a circular cutting blade, rotates and moves across the billet, cutting it to the specified length. The cutting process is quick and efficient.
  • Unloading: After the billets are cut to the desired lengths, they are unloaded from the machine and either sent directly to the extrusion press or stored for future use.

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