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"Plate Annealing Furnace" is a specialized equipment used in the heat treatment process of metal plates, including aluminum and steel. The furnace is designed to heat the metal plates to a specific temperature and then cool them down slowly, resulting in improved material properties, reduced internal stresses, and enhanced machinability.

Usage of Plate Annealing Furnace:

  • Heat Treatment: The primary purpose of the plate annealing furnace is to subject metal plates to a controlled heating and cooling process to achieve desired material properties.
  • Stress Relief: Annealing helps relieve internal stresses that may have accumulated during previous manufacturing processes, such as rolling or forming.
  • Softening: Annealing can soften the metal plates, making them more ductile and easier to work with during subsequent processing.

How it Works:

  • Loading: The metal plates are loaded into the annealing furnace, and care is taken to ensure uniform spacing between the plates to allow for even heating.
  • Heating: The furnace raises the temperature of the metal plates to a specific annealing temperature, which is typically above the critical temperature of the material but below its melting point.
  • Soaking: Once the plates reach the annealing temperature, they are held at that temperature for a certain period. This soaking time allows for the diffusion of alloying elements and the relaxation of internal stresses.
  • Controlled Cooling: After the soaking period, the furnace's cooling system gradually cools down the plates at a controlled rate. This slow cooling, known as "furnace cooling" or "slow cooling," prevents the formation of new stresses in the material.
  • Unloading: After the cooling process is complete, the annealed plates are unloaded from the furnace. They are now ready for further processing or application.

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