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The "Hot Rolling Finishing Mill" is a specialized equipment used in the final stage of the hot rolling process for aluminum sheets or coils. It is designed to further reduce the thickness of the aluminum material, improve its surface quality, and achieve the desired mechanical properties before it is ready for further downstream processing or application.

Usage of Hot Rolling Finishing Mill:

  • Final Thickness Reduction: The primary purpose of the hot rolling finishing mill is to achieve the final target thickness of the aluminum sheets or coils.
  • Surface Quality Improvement: The mill is used to enhance the surface finish and remove any imperfections, ensuring a smooth and defect-free surface.
  • Mechanical Properties: The finishing mill's controlled rolling process helps achieve the desired mechanical properties and material characteristics in the final aluminum product.

How it Works:

  • Input Material: The input material for the hot rolling finishing mill is typically aluminum sheets or coils that have already undergone preliminary hot rolling in previous rolling mills.
  • Rolling Passes: The aluminum sheets or coils are passed through the rolling stands of the finishing mill, where they are subjected to carefully controlled pressure to further reduce their thickness.
  • Temperature Control: The hot rolling finishing mill operates at elevated temperatures, ensuring the aluminum remains malleable and easy to shape during the rolling process.
  • Surface Finishing: As the material passes through the mill's rolls, any surface defects or imperfections are ironed out, resulting in an improved surface finish.
  • Cooling: After the final rolling pass, the aluminum is rapidly cooled to room temperature to stabilize the microstructure and mechanical properties.
  • Precision Control: The finishing mill offers precise control over the rolling process to achieve the target thickness and mechanical properties.
  • Coil or Sheet Formation: Depending on the output requirements, the finished aluminum material can be coiled into large coils or cut into individual sheets.

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