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"Coilers in cold rolling" are specialized machines used to wind or coil the cold-rolled aluminum strips produced by the rolling mill. Coilers play a crucial role in efficiently collecting and storing the cold-rolled aluminum strips in coil form, making them ready for further processing, transportation, or shipment.

Usage of Coilers in Cold Rolling:

  • Coil Formation: Coilers wind the cold-rolled aluminum strips into tight coils, allowing for easy handling and storage.
  • Efficient Collection: Coilers efficiently collect the cold-rolled aluminum strips from the rolling mill, ensuring a continuous and steady production process.
  • Coil Size Variability: Coilers can create coils of different sizes, accommodating various coil diameters and widths.

How Coilers Work in Cold Rolling:

  • Material Feeding: The cold-rolled aluminum strips are fed into the coiler.
  • Coiling Process: The coiler winds the aluminum strips into tight coils. The process may include the use of a mandrel or arbor around which the aluminum strips are wound.
  • Tension Control: Coilers are equipped with tension control systems to maintain proper tension in the material during the coiling process.
  • Coil Removal: Once the coiling process is complete, the coil of cold-rolled aluminum is removed from the coiler.
  • Packaging: The coiled aluminum strips are typically packaged for further processing, transportation, or shipment.

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