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The term "coarse crushing roller" appears to refer to a specific type of equipment used in the aluminum industry for the initial size reduction or crushing of aluminum plates or sheets. This equipment is designed to crush the aluminum material into smaller particles or flakes, facilitating further processing or recycling.

Usage of Coarse Crushing Rollers in the Aluminum Industry:

  • Initial Size Reduction: Coarse crushing rollers are used for the initial size reduction of aluminum plates or sheets, breaking them down into smaller pieces before further processing.
  • Recycling: This equipment can be used in aluminum recycling plants to crush aluminum plates or sheets into smaller particles, making it easier to handle and process for recycling.
  • Material Preparation: Coarse crushing rollers prepare the aluminum material for downstream processes such as shredding, melting, or extrusion.

How Coarse Crushing Rollers Work:

  • Roller Configuration: Coarse crushing rollers consist of multiple rollers arranged in a specific configuration, often with one or more pairs of rollers rotating in the opposite direction.
  • Reverse Rotation: As the aluminum plate or sheet is fed between the rollers, they rotate in opposite directions, applying pressure and causing the material to be crushed or broken.
  • Crushing Efficiency: The design of the rollers ensures that at least 50% of the aluminum plate or sheet is crushed, achieving the desired size reduction.
  • Adjustable Settings: Some coarse crushing roller systems may have adjustable settings to control the crushing intensity and particle size of the output.

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